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My Top I Am Affirmations!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

I know it’s been a little while since my last post. I’ve had a lot going on the past few months. But now I’m getting back into the swing of things. I am going to try my best to keep up a schedule and post regularly.

Anyways, in this post, I am sharing with you my top I Am affirmations and how I incorporate them into my life. I'm not an expert on affirmations. This is just how I use them in my day to day life and some of the affirmations I use. I am a true believer that what we think we become. So I try to stay as positive as possible. Saying positive affirmations helps me to do so. It also helps with my anxiety and depression. One of the ways I use I Am affirmations is I write them in my self-love journal. I will talk about my self-love journal more in a future post. But basically, I write in it things that I love about myself along with ten I Am affirmations. I also have a black felt letter board that I put an I Am affirmation on each week. 

Another way I use affirmations is I pull a card from the “I Am” Power Pack Affirmation Deck by La Rose Des Reves. These cards are amazing, and they give me an affirmation for the day. 

Now onto my top, I Am affirmations!

1. I Am looking, feeling, and doing incredible!

2. I Am the happiest and healthiest that I've ever been!

3. I Am confident!

4. I Am thriving in all areas of my life!

5. I Am living my dreams!

6. I Am full of positivity!

7. I Am beautiful!

8. I Am worthy!

9. I Am safe, loved, guided, and protected!

10. I Am organized and productive!

I hope this post has inspired and motivated you to stay positive and incorporate 

Affirmations into your daily life!

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy,

Sierra Barnes - Officially Thriving

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