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Intentions For 2021

Updated: Jan 12

Instead of setting new year resolutions. I like to set intentions for the year by choosing a word.

I decided I would write a post and share mine. Aside from this word I do set other intentions this is just my main word to set the rest of them. When I was choosing my word I really had to ask myself. What do I want to feel, do, and see more of in 2021 for myself.

I first thought of fearless then I saw something that said it's not about being fearless. But how you act towards the fear. So, I decided my word for 2021would be BRAVE. For me that means not letting certain fears hold me back not just in one but in all areas of my life. BRAVE enough to face the fears, BRAVE enough to show up for myself, and BRAVE enough to be even more authentic.

I have fears that I've let hold me back. But this year I'm really going to make an effort to work through them and react in a different way that will propel me forward instead of hold me back.

I challenge you to find your word or two for 2021 and set your intentions and don't limit yourself!

Sending you love and positive energy,

Sierra Barnes

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