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An Introduction

Who Is Sierra Barnes (Officially Thriving):

Hi, my name is Sierra Barnes and welcome to my Officially Thriving blog. I am a 22- year- old blogger from Dallas, Texas. Aside from being a blogger, I am also an artist, writer, and brain tumor survivor. If you didn’t know I originally started this blog over on my website But, I recently decided to branch out and start this website dedicated to Officially Thriving.

Why I Started This Blog:

Aside from my art I have a love and passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I started this blog because I really want to share and express that. But also to share self-love and body positivity. I love to share things that I love and my point of you to hopefully help and inspire others. In one way or another.

What Does Officially Thriving Mean:

Officially Thriving to me means learning to thrive through the chaos, mess, and beautiful imperfections. It's also a mindset to see and envision yourself thriving. We all go through stuff good and bad including myself and I've learned to overcome and thrive through them. As for beautiful imperfections, I've learned and I'm still learning to embrace and thrive through mine.

What Will I Be Blogging About:

On this blog, I will be sharing fashion finds and tips, beauty and wellness, and lifestyle things that have helped me on my journey such as gratitude and meditation. Aside from posting on this blog I also post on my Instagram @officiallythriving.

I hope you will follow Officially Thriving and follow me on Instagram @officiallythriving

"Thrive through the chaos, mess, and beautiful imperfections".

Sending you lots of love and positive energy,

Sierra Barnes

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